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Babies on board is THE guide for mothers to be and new mums across Watford, Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead and Tring. METT feature in the April/May/June 2017 publication with the following article on Spring Time First Aid, written by Kelly Jagger. 

Spring Time First Aid

This is the season for fun and being outdoors. It’s great for little ones, seeking to explore the world around them, but we want to ensure days out are enjoyed safely and we know what to do if something goes wrong.

The chances are that during spring and summer you’ll be taking your children outdoors more, whether it’s enjoying an Easter egg hunt, travelling further afield over the May half-term or simply making the most of the extra hours of daylight in the local park.  The British climate means that we need to be prepared for all eventualities!

Planning is key to being safe; having plenty of drinking water, high factor sun cream, plasters and antiseptic wipes, hats & jackets. It may be sunny, but having extra layers is key as the weather can change quickly on us and children are more sensitive to changes in temperature than adults.

Indeed should we be lucky enough to get some sunshine it’s important not to let little ones get dehydrated. This can lead to them being unwell and getting heat exhaustion.

Heat Exhaustion

What should we look out for?
Your child may be pale and sweaty, feel sick or be sick, complain of cramp in their arms, legs or stomach and they may say they feel cold but are actually hot to touch.

What next?

  • It’s important to get them to a cool place
  • Remove excess clothing
  • Drink lots of water, but sip it slowly and if they are old enough give them an oral rehydration solution.
  • Seek medical advice

Insect Stings

We all love a picnic or an ice cream but so do wasps!

What to do if someone is stung?

  • If you can see the sting, remove it using the edge of a card but don’t use tweezers.
  • Use ice wrapped in a cloth or a cold compress for 10 minutes to reduce swelling. This sounds difficult to achieve but practically, if outdoors the easiest option could be to buy a wrapped ice lolly and wrap it in a muslin cloth. If the swelling persists then seek medical advice.
  • If the sting is inside the mouth, give them an ice cube to suck or sips of cold water.
  • Watch for any allergic reaction to strings and seek urgent medical advice if you are concerned.

To build your confidence and learn more about dealing with emergencies involving your own children, consider a parent first aid training course.

Author, Kelly Jagger, First Aid Trainer, METT Training Ltd, Tel. 01525 379 521

Editor, Helen McCloory, Babies on board Magazine.

3d First Aid at Work & 1d Emergency First Aid at Work start 25th June in Leighton Buzzard. Both courses are Level 3 (RQF) nationally accredited. They equips you the delegate with the skills to deal with major & minor emergencies in the workplace.

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