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METT Ltd in Partnership with Crisilience, launched their Critical Incident Management Awareness & Training Instructor programme on the weekend of the 6th May. The trainers who attended are all consummate professionals from a very elite group, ex- members of the Royal Marines, RAF Regiment, Royal Navy, Army and Special Forces units as well as civilian professionals who specialise in security and physical intervention.

What is CIMAT you may be asking? Well CIMAT consists of 4 elements, Security Awareness, how to deal with Terrorist Attacks, Hostage Awareness and Catastrophic First Aid. The instructors were taught how to deliver the course syllabus, they themselves are now available to deliver this high-end package of training to the corporate, private and public sectors.

The elements of the security awareness programme are as follows

  • Office Safety
  • Travel Preparation
  • Airport Safety
  • Ground Transportation
  • Hotel Safety
  • What Are the Risks?

The Elements of the Terrorist Attacks programme

  • Where can terrorist attacks happen?
  • Who are the terrorists?
  • Types of terror attacks
  • What to do when it happens
  • Critical incident planning, make them, get to know them
  • Always being cognisant is always being ready
  • What to do when it happens (Run – Hide – Tell)
  • What happens during Police/Military actions
  • Your options prior to a hostage/kidnap situation
  • How to behave as a hostage

The elements of the Hostage situations programme

  • Types of hostage situations
  • Your options during or prior to a hostage/kidnap event
  • Hostage behaviour
  • What you can expect from Negotiators
  • What you should do during a Rescue
  • What happens to you after a Rescue

The elements of the Catastrophic first aid programme

  • Learning to recognise catastrophic bleeding
  • Learning how to apply a combat application tourniquet
  • Learning how to stop a catastrophic bleed using haemostatic dressings and Israeli bandages
  • Basic Life Support, being taught how to apply Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • The safe use of an Automated External defibrillator (AED), the use of Bag Valve and Mask as well as airway management and the use of oxygen.

The training culminates with scenario and drills training

You will have had all this training now it’s time to put it into practice with realistic scenario training. What are the benefits of this style of training? It prepares you for the real event, anyone can watch a video clip, anyone can do CPR in a classroom. With realistic scenarios, excellent training and staff giving you advice you will be prepared for the real event.

Our Ethos

Creating an environment that protects itself

“Through People First”

This can only be achieved through training and re-training


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3d First Aid at Work & 1d Emergency First Aid at Work start 25th June in Leighton Buzzard. Both courses are Level 3 (RQF) nationally accredited. They equips you the delegate with the skills to deal with major & minor emergencies in the workplace.

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